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Industrial Controls Systems Inc. specializes in the Design, Supply, Installation, & Commissioning of Premier Equipment.

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Our Valued Clients

Our valued clients are essential partners in the pursuit of excellence. By providing products, services, or solutions tailored to their specific needs, companies in the industrial sector aim to foster strong, long-term relationships with these valued clients, contributing to mutual success and advancements in industrial practices."

Our Best Services

Industrial Controls Systems, Inc. has a wide range of specialized services provided to industrial businesses and facilities.


We offer ​services related to the design, engineering, and optimization of industrial processes and systems


Our design involves the creative and systematic process of conceiving and planning products, systems, or structures to achieve specific objectives.


We offers & excel in different areas, such as product variety, quality, pricing, customer service, or global reach.


Our Industrial experts conduct a thorough assessment of the installation site to identify any potential challenges or safety concerns.

Testing & Commissioning

Our Experts ensure that systems, whether they are electrical, mechanical, instrumentaion or integrated systems, are reliable and operate as intended. 

Preventive Maintenance

Our team are ensuring the overall performance, reliability, and longevity of industrial equipment, machinery, and facilities.

Emergency Maintenance

Our Team addressing unexpected breakdowns, faults, or critical issues that can impact the normal functioning of equipment, machinery, or systems.


 We offer modification or upgrade of existing industrial facilities, equipment, or systems to improve efficiency, productivity, safety, compliance, & sustainability.

Technical Support

We plays a crucial role in assisting users with any issues they may encounter, ensuring the proper functioning of industrial equipment, and maintaining overall customer satisfaction.


We equips personnel with the knowledge and skills required to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot industrial equipment and systems.

Restoring Operations, Unleashing Efficiency

    Industrial Controls Systems Inc. cater all kinds of Repair, Service, Emergency & Preventive   Maintenance,  Retrofitting, including Supplying, Designing, Installing, Commissioning of Industrial equipments in a various industry such as.
 ​Power Generation
 Oil & Gas
 Petro Chemical
 Water & Waste Water
 Food & Beverages

Factory Acceptance Test | Neway China.

Industrial Controls Systems Inc. Sales representative goes to China for the Factory Acceptance Test of the supplied 40" Butterfly Valve held …

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Limitorque by Flowserve | Product Seminar

Limitorque Product Seminar: Building Expertise for Success "ICON" Industrial Controls Systems, Inc. welcome you the world of …

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71st PSME National Convention

Representing our "ICON" Team on the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers - PSME National Convention held last October 11-14, 2023 at SMX …

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Factory Acceptance Test | KSB Indonesia

Our Team goes to Indonesia for the Factory Acceptance Test of the supplied Fire Pump held at KSB Indonesia.

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Supply, Installation of Analyzer & Air Cleaning Unit

Supply & Installation of Analyzer (Endress + Hauser)
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Supply & Installation of Coriolis Flowmeter & Surge Arrester

Installation of Coriolis Flowmeter & Surge Arrester
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Job Openings

Redefine Your Career in the Heart of Industry. Come and join us as to grow your personal development, & seek a meaningful and impactful…

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Preventive Maintenance Servicing, Calibration & Stroking

Preventive Maintenance Servicing, Calibration & Stroking at Western Part of Luzon
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Neway & "ICON" Product Training

Another successful Neway Valve Maintenance training
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Preventive Maintenance, & Calibration

PMS Servicing, Calibration & Stroking - Southern part of Mindanao
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