Clark Reliance

Clark-Reliance continues to be the global leader in the level indication and control, sightflow indication, and filtration and separation industries. Clark-Reliance is dedicated to supplying the largest and broadest product line in the instrumentation industry as the single-source for all types of level measurement and control. From engineered boiler trim instrumentation to the varying demands of the process industry.
  • Established in 1962
  • Privately held corporation
  • 150+ representatives worldwide supported by 14 Regional Managers & 11 Product Specialists
Facilities in:
  • Strongsville, OH, USA
  • Boerne, TX
Market Served:
  • Power Generation
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical

Clark-Reliance Brands

Anderson Separator

ANDERSON SEPARATOR offers a broad variety of mechanical separators, including Vane Type, Multi-Cyclone, Centrifugal and Filter. Our separators provide unmatched liquid and solids removal and require no maintenance. To meet customers’ diverse specifications, units are available in a range of sizes from ¼” NPT and up.

Owner: Energy Development Corporation

Project Site: BGI – Palayan unit 1 & 2

Project: Supply of 2 units Vertical Gas Separator

Brand/Model: Anderson AVGSC-42-120-101

Date: January 2011 – March 2013
anderson project-1anderson project-2

Vane Type AVS Seriesanderson separator-1

  • In-Line Vertical /Vertical Gas Design
  • 100% Removal of Liquid Particles 8.0 Microns and Larger.
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Rugged Construction/Long Life.
  • Stock or Custom Designed.
  • No Maintenance


Centrifugal Type

anderson separator-2

  • Vertical Up Flow
  • Exhaust Heads
  • Combination Separator Traps
  • Multi-Stage and Single-Stage Designs
  • 99% of 10 um and larger

Multi-Cyclone Typeanderson separator-3

  • High efficiency separation of entrained soild particulate
  • 100% removal of 8 micron size liquid particles & larger
  • 100% removal of 5 micron size solid particles & larger
  • Capacity to handle heavy solid loadings or liquid slugging


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A world leader in Liquid Level Indication since 1905. 

Jerguson offers a wide range of Liquid Level Gauges to suit your application.




Jacoby-Tarbox®, founded in 1914, offers the world’s most extensive line of sight flow indicators and sight windows. The original US manufacturer of sight flow indicators is manufactured by the Clark-Reliance® Corporation.  Our sight flow indicators and sight windows can be used to verify process conditions throughout piping, vessels and other equipment, whether the process is liquid or gas.

•Bull's Eye Sight Flow Indicator, Flanged
Bull's Eye Sight Flow Indicator, Threaded
Tubular Sight Flow Indicators
•Sight Windows


Reliance Boiler Trim

Image result for simpliport 

Designing and manufacturing boiler level controls systems since 1884, Clark-Reliance has become the most recognized and trusted name in boiler-trim controls and operation. That position has been accomplished by the continued commitment to excellence in quality product performance and customer service.

•Simpliport Level Gauge
•Eye-Hye Smart Level Remote Indication