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Fuji Electric

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Fuji Electric is a world leader in electronics manufacturing and energy technology with more than 90 years of accumulated technology and experience. To ensure the satisfaction of all customers, Fuji Electric is committed to maintain the highest levels of quality in the industry for the products and services it offers.


Drives and Inverters

Low Voltage AC Drives:

Fuji Electric was one of the first in the industry to develop general purpose Variable Speed Drive, and since then, the company continued to design and develop an energy efficient low & medium voltage drive and extensively increase its product line-up that suits the industrial and commercial needs.

FRENIC Series Variable Frequency Drive by Fuji Electric offers a variety of drives to suit every application.

Frenic FVR Mini
Frenic ACE
• Frenic MEGA
Frenic AQUA
Frenic HVAC
Frenic VG

Medium Voltage Drives:

Adjustable Speed Drive

Fuji Medium-voltage IGBT inverters

With their high efficiency and high power factor, Fuji Electric's Medium-voltage inverters contribute significantly to cost reduction and energy conservation. Fuji Electric inverter products are applicable in a wide range of fields from plants to general industry and feature superior ease of maintenance.

• FRENIC4000 Series Small-to-medium capacity DC link inverters

• FRENIC4400 Series Medium-to-large capacity DC link inverters

• FRENIC4600 Series    Medium-voltage direct output inverters

Power and Distribution Transformers

Sensors and Measurement

Instruments banner
Fuji Electric Sensors and Measurement product lineup offers a reliable and accurate instrument for your process needs. Fuji Electric guarantees the quality and value of its products through compliance with rigorous standards specific to each country.

Sensors and Measurement products:

• Gas Analyzers
Ultrasonic Flowmeters
• Pressure Transmitters
Level Transmitters
Temperature Controllers

Power Supply

Power Supply
Fuji Electric provides complete solutions for the protection of valuable data in critical applications, including our reliable and efficient uninterruptible power supplies.